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Anna always had one big dream – to jump with a parachute. She was going to implement it for a very long time, but she could not find the courage to do it. On her birthday, her friends made her a terrific gift: they gave a certificate for a parachute jump. Anna was shocked. She did not think that friends knew about her long-cherished desire. Now she had no chance of avoiding this event. Bursa escort girl was going to meet her dream the next day.

Despite the fact that the Bursa escort girl Anna was a brave person, her knees were now shaking with panic and delight as she was riding there. When the girl arrive to the place, she saw that everyone had already gathered. Their group consisted of five people and 5 instructors – each for everyone. They explained them in detail what to do once in the air.

The jump itself was excellent. When Anna stepped down and flew, she screamed with horror and joy, it was awesome! Anna’s instructor opened their parachute in time and so they landed easily. The feeling of delight did not leave her even on the ground. When the girl was near her instructor, she literally could not say a word. The instructor, the young guy named Paul, just smiled. He was very fond of his work just for how much joy and positive emotions it gave to people. Paul was a professional athlete. It was noticeable in his tight slender figure.

Anna remained silent for a few more minutes before she found herself staring at Paul. The girl felt an incredible surge of excitement: her body was like a stretched string, which was about to straighten up. A small volcano bubbled inside the girl. She could feel her nipples become hard. Between her legs considerably warmed. The rush of excitement was reinforced by the fact that Paul clearly liked her because the guy looked at her with an appraising look through their entire fly. Anna knew this look, like every Bursa escort girl did. Paul wanted her no less than she wanted him.

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They were met by another instructor, who distracted the attention of the crowd. When the rest of the band turned to listen to a new fellow who invited everyone to make the second jump at a low price, Bursa escort girl Anna literally grabbed Paul by the hand. She pulled him to her car, which was standing nearby. It was a big car with the darkened windows. Paul did not resist. He just smiled.

As soon as they were in the vehicle, Anna pushed the guy into the back seat and reached for his pants. Adrenaline inside her, it seems, was not going to become less. It seemed to splash, rolling in new waves.

Bursa escort girl pulled off the guy’s panties and immediately grabbed his tight penis. Paul exhaled loudly and pressed the girl’s head closer to his cock. Anna deeply plunged a blood-drenched cock into her mouth, caressed it with her tongue, stroked with her hands. Paul liked what she was doing; it was obvious from his heavy breathing.

A few minutes later, Anna easily brought the guy to orgasm, but her desire continued to tear her from the inside. The Bursa escort girl only glanced briefly at Paul, but he immediately understood everything. In just a few movements, the guy turned the girl on her back, and his penis, which had once again become strong and firm, entered her. Anna wriggled under the powerful sexual body of Paul and roared in a full voice, not embarrassed that they could be heard. Her pleasure literally spread throughout the body to the fingertips. She felt so good! The girl’s heart pounded madly, and when orgasm covered her head, Anna bit her lower lip to the blood. The girl could hardly breathe: such a surge of violent emotions was something completely new for her. Paul did not seem surprised but was pleased with the result.

When the couple caught their breath and got out of the car, Paul only invited the Bursa escort Whatsapp girl to the second jump: now this entertainment was free for Anna. It’s good when the instructor is a close friend of yours. Isn’t it?

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