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Ankara escort girl has a good time with an experienced lover

Water flows in the closed white, warm shower cubicle. Noise calms and fills thoughts with moisture.

Imagine, you closed the transparent door behind you; a warm stream of water hits you. Jets descend the slender female body of magnificent Ankara escort girl and reach her splendid feet. By the hair, on the shoulders, eyes, nose, lips, chest, stomach, legs, and curvaceous energizing hips – everything was wrapped in life-giving moisture. At this time, you wash yourself with a white and fluffy soapy washcloth, and then move under the streams of water and gently wash off the foam. Music dictates the direction of thoughts or their absence. The shower washes the lewd body. Suddenly a veil of desire flies into the world of fantasy.

The dance continues a brilliant shroud of water and steam wraps a slender woman’s body, the breast is moist and elastic. The smells emanating from such a goddess are tangible to all who could be near.

An excited man rushes to the rescue. He quietly, almost like a tiger, creeping silently, comes to the object of his immaculate desire. Something starts to move in the body, the eyes are closing more and more slowly, they look like the movement of the curves of the fragile body plays in a foggy veil. This is a forbidden fruit; it is a juicy ripe apple with a fragile peel. Hands run past the will to reach the door of the booth, where behind the transparent door, you can find the sweetest reward. The elastic torso without touching the water became wet and shines. All the muscles stretched like strings, the blood slowly picked up and struck a powerful wave down the stomach, the tide flooded, and the shower door opened.

Ankara escort girl

You felt his hands, hot body and lower abdomen along with an elastic cock. The touch happened instantly and the current passed through each cell. The honey taste grew in the mouth and strength slowly absorbed weakness. This time nothing was required, words were not needed because thoughts flew from one head to another. The bodies understood themselves what to do. The man is so soft and at the same time confident in his strength and superiority like it is assured in her glaring magnificence. This does not prevent you from feeling your power, your enchanting power.

He gently pushes your legs, as if you are an Ankara escort girl, and with rapid breathing touches the wet neck. His lips are hot and your legs open to let him in. He sinks to his knees, his lips tenderly kissing and clutching his tongue, he kisses the clitoris and your labia deep for a long time. This affection relaxes as a drug with every touch; you move your hips towards him, like a girl from Ankara escort.

Your body ceases to obey you, it’s your obedience only to him, you beg for more. Your quiet moan is drowned with his lips; they are so hot and they already kiss you everywhere. This continues for who knows how long. Now it’s not you, but he attracts you and you obediently follow him.

Your legs are gently wrapped around his waist. It all begins again. He moves confidently, his cock is hot and hard, you feel that you are wet not from the flowing water between your legs, like an Ankara escort girl. Movements are accurate and moderate, nothing hinders, and this is true freedom. Your breasts tremble under aggravated male power. The nipples stiffened and rushed towards him, he is your God on this journey. Only the music beats the rhythm, the bodies obediently echo the moving and colliding as two volcanoes, which are about to erupt.

You feel it both in front and behind, the unique smell and taste of his body, mouth. His hands hold you tightening into the funnel of the fence. He quickly leads to himself, changing his pose many times, this temporarily delays the peak of pleasure and make you want the end even more. After caressing and stubborn movements, both of you cum with a powerful and enchanting explosion, convulsions contract within each one. Jets of hot water caress your body. You groan like an Ankara escort girl but they have been carried away throughout the room. This was a sweet thing for both of you.

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